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Primary Care Physician

Amy Esposito, MD

Internal Medicine

Dr. Amy Esposito is a board-certified Internal Medicine Specialist with over 15 years of experience.

Prior to Reside Health, she was the Medical Director for over three years at the Oscar Medical Center in Brooklyn and an Assistant Professor at Mount Sinai Hospital. She was integral to building a value-based and wellness-centered practice that understood the intersection of virtual and in-person care. For the preceding five years she was a primary and urgent-care physician at Mount Sinai. She trained in Internal Medicine at Mount Sinai/Beth Israel Hospital.

Dr. Esposito strives to provide comprehensive, evidence-based care, grounded in realistic goals for each individual. She is passionate about preventive health, sexual and reproductive health, and managing chronic health conditions. She also desires to simplify the process of obtaining care and help patients navigate their own care journey.

Dr. Esposito has been involved with the NY Dept of Health on a weekly basis since the beginning of the pandemic and is an expert on COVID, employer policies, and workplace safety.


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