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Licensed Therapist

Jake Dann-Soury, LCSW

Licensed Therapist

Jake Dann-Soury, LCSW is a New York based therapist. He graduated from Wurzweiler School of Social Work at Yeshiva University and is a licensed clinical social worker who is currently pursuing a PhD in social welfare. Jake is an Adjunct professor for masters-level social work classes Wurzweiler school of social work. Jake is highly skilled in working with adults and children struggling with anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress disorder and adjustment disorder. Jake is passionate about helping individuals, couples and families thrive. He creates a safe environment where patients feel comfortable and motivated to make changes in their life. Jake uses a collaborative and active approach, guiding and supporting patients in developing insight and strength in order to grow. Jake is committed to developing an authentic space for people to realize their goals.

Jake has helped patients work through many things including addiction, loss, family conflict, depression, anxiety, and complex trauma. He has a solid foundation in evidence-based techniques, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, a set of interventions that seek to change thoughts, feelings or behaviors that aren’t working, and replace them with healthier practices. Jake has the skills, insight, warmth and commitment to help individuals, couples and families manage crises at every level.

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