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Primary Care Physician Assistant

Priyanka Bahl

Priyanka Bahl is a board-certified Physician Assistant who began her career working in urgent and primary care seven years ago. She is passionate about helping her patients improve their physical, mental and spiritual well-being to live their healthiest and best life. She values educating her patients on preventative medicine, appropriate medical management, and lifestyle modifications to achieve their optimal health goals and strives  to have a positive impact on others and make a genuine difference in their lives. 

As a primary care provider, Priyanka believes it is her duty to thoroughly educate and medically treat patients as if they were her own family, and believes in the importance of establishing consistent and trusting relationships with patients, as well as keeping in mind their overall physical, mental, and spiritual well-being to ensure they reach their health goals. 

My education & experience

I received my undergraduate and graduate degree from King's College; a 5-year accelerated PA program in Pennsylvania. Before joining Reside Health, I was a physician assistant at the Mount Sinai Health System General Surgery Department in New York City while also practicing primary and urgent care through telehealth.

What I like to do for fun

In my free time, I enjoy being a dog mom, reading, yoga, tennis, and cooking.

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