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Your health, your investment: 10 reasons to get an annual check-up

Adulting is hard. Do you mean I have to keep my house clean, pay my bills, and take charge of my overall health? In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it's easy to miss the importance of regular health check-ups. Don't worry; a simple annual appointment is an easy and crucial aspect of taking charge of your health and is a critical component of proactive and preventative healthcare. Let's explore why getting an annual physical exam is an investment in your overall health.

1.  Insurance covers it: Most insurance plans, even the most basic ones, cover an annual check-up. Take advantage of that plan that you already have and pay for, and book an appointment at a time that's convenient for you.

2.  An opportunity to take charge of your health: Have burning questions? Have unexplained symptoms of some kind? An annual check-up is a perfect opportunity to ask those questions and get your doctor's suggestions about lifestyle habits and any changes you might need to make.

3.  Preventative care: An annual doctor's visit is not just about addressing existing health concerns; it's also about preventive care. Your doctor can provide personalized advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, managing risk factors, and making informed choices that contribute to disease prevention. Investing in preventive health care can save you from health complications and associated costs in the future.

4.  Screenings: Depending on your age, doctors might need to conduct extra screenings or additional tests, and one of the primary benefits of annual check-ups is the early detection of potential health issues. Regular screenings and examinations can catch problems in their early stages, often before symptoms manifest. This early detection allows for prompt intervention and treatment, improving the chances of successful outcomes.

5.  Mental Health Check-up: Not sure where to start if you have questions about your mental health? An annual appointment is an excellent opportunity to begin that conversation. Health is not just about physical well-being. It also includes cognitive and emotional health. During your annual check-up, take the opportunity to discuss any mental health concerns or stressors you may be experiencing. Your doctor can provide guidance, resources, or referrals to mental health professionals if necessary.  

6.  Resources and Referrals: Our doctors not only have a wealth of knowledge but also have resources and materials to share, as well as contacts and referral suggestions. If there is something that requires a more specialized physician, your primary care physician can make some suggestions as to who to see and equip you with questions to ask and any other resources you might need.

7.  Nutrition/health goals: At Reside, your health goals are also important to us. Your doctor can give you suggestions regarding nutrition and incorporating healthy routines and habits into your everyday life. Your Reside membership includes one free health coaching session that addresses your current health as well as the health you'd like to have and maintain in the future. It all starts with the annual assessment.  

8.  You can include some extras: While you're at your annual appointment, doctors can administer a flu shot, some vaccinations, and include an STI test with your bloodwork. Taking charge of your health has never been easier than simply walking in and killing two (or three!) birds with one stone!

9.  Already young and healthy? Let's keep it that way: If you are in your 20s and 30s and in excellent physical health–great! An annual check-up appointment with your primary care physician can help keep you healthy for longer by providing a baseline for your health and well-being. By tracking notable indicators such as blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and body mass index (BMI), your doctor can track changes over time. This baseline becomes a valuable reference point for identifying deviations and addressing potential health risks.

10.  Build a relationship with your doctor: At Reside, annual appointments are a full 40 minutes long, which is enough time to delve into your family history, talk with your doctor about goals, and develop a working relationship with your healthcare provider to track changes in the future.

Going for an annual appointment is an easy and essential step to take for your overall health. Within 40 minutes, you can get your questions answered and an overall picture of your current health and well-being. Labs and bloodwork results are usually available within a week of testing, and having that knowledge can not only be informative but also take away the anxiety of the unknown when it comes to your health. Book an annual appointment today and start taking charge of your health!  

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