Driven by Excellence

Meet Your Care Team

Reside Health is a membership-based health and wellness center.
We believe that consistent healthcare helps people live better. We’ve curated an exceptional team of primary care physicians, specialists, and wellness practitioners who work together to help you achieve your health goals. We develop an ongoing relationship with you that gets more and more valuable with time.
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Our Founders

Reside was founded by Harvard trained and educated physicians. Our founders bring their ideals, training and standards to the practice.
Komal Kothari photo

Komal Kothari, MD

Co-founder & CEO
Our Mission

Empowering people to live their healthiest lives

Our mission to empower people to live their healthiest lives. We bring together clinical expertise, care navigation, and modern technology to make healthcare more intuitive and effective for everyone.

Our Principles

Returning the relationship

We're bringing back the sacred doctor-patient relationship by treating people with humanity and listening to their hopes, dreams and goals for their health and lives.

Full spectrum healthcare

We take a 360 degree view because your best health is a full picture that encompasses both your body and mind, both in sickness and in health.

Setting a new standard

We infuse medical excellence and tech-enabled efficiency into an experience that's traditionally been lacking.

Community centered  whole person health

Health and well-being doesn't stop with the individual — by treating whole communities, we can contribute to society's greater health as a whole.

Quality care made accessible and affordable

We're removing the traditional barriers of high costs and inconvenience so that preventative and proactive healthcare is effortlessly woven into your everyday life.

Tech-enabled for modern care

We leverage technology to create a more convenient, seamless and empowering healthcare experience for our patients.

Let's work toward your ideal health together.