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Primary Care Physician

Vinod Mitta, MD

Preventive Medicine

Dr. Vinod Mitta is a board-certified Preventive Medicine physician. He completed his clinical training at Mount Sinai Hospital and has medical degrees from the University of Southern California and Harvard School of Public Health. Prior to Reside Health, he was Medical Director at Oscar Health in Brooklyn.

Dr. Mitta’s main focus is on prevention: working with patients to identify lifestyle modifications and habits that help achieve their health and wellness goals. He believes a strong patient relationship is built on being a careful listener and taking time to give patients a complete understanding of their specific conditions, overall health, and options. While he enjoys all aspects of primary care, he has a special interest in smoking cessation, sleep medicine, and occupation related conditions.

In his spare time he leads an active lifestyle including weight training, skiing, yoga, meditation, and home cooking. He is a volunteer with the NY Medical Reserve Corp and is a regular lecturer at the Mt. Sinai and Columbia Schools of Public Health. He hails from the Midwest but is an aspiring New Yorker of 10+ years.


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